17th century oak carved chest by Searle/Dennis


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Description: A heavily carved three-paneled joined oak chest. The top rail has foliated S- scrolls, while the stiles and muntins have highly detailed S-scrolls and floral decoration. The three carved panels have S-scroll arcades, each with a central rosette rising out of an urn. The bottom rail is decorated with lunettes accompanied by florets. The spandrels are carved with floral designs as well. It has a plainly decorated two-paneled top and sides. The chest has great color and patination. It was made in the workshops in Ottery St Mary, Devon, where Thomas Dennis/William Searle would have apprenticed.

Circa 17th century, England.

Provenance: Private collection of Marhamchurch Antiques, purchased from the Roderick Butler collection.

Dimensions: 30”H x 55-1/4”L X 21-3/16”W.

History: William Searle (1/23/1634- 8/16/1667) lived in East Devon and he married Grace Cole in Ottery St. Mary on 4/12/1659. William and Grace immigrated to Boston and then to Ipswich in 1663. Thomas Dennis immigrated from Devon or Cornwall to Ipswich, MA. He was a joiner and lived in Ipswich between circa 1667-1706 (death). After William’s passing in 1667, Grace, now widowed, married Thomas Dennis.

Condition:  Overall, good with age-appropriate wear.  Original snipe hinges. The interior top lid hardware is absent. The original key is absent.

Repairs/Replacements: The right posterior leg has been replaced in the 17th-century.

Stock #: NEOWA- 107.

Please see page 45, Figures 4:194 and 4:195 in Oak Furniture The British Tradition by Victor Chinnery for photos of similar furniture by Searle/Dennis. 

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